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Assistant District Governor comes to visit

February 1, 2018

Penny Brown introduced Rob and Tammy Hislop who are being inducted as members this morning. George Eveneshen introduced Eric Hodson, a previous member of our club, who hopes to return as a member indigenerics.com/. President Ron Hooper introduced Assistant District Governor Norm Brown who would be looking after the installation of Rob Hislop and Tammy Hislop. Norm attended to their induction and Penny as their sponsor presented them both with their  Rotary pins.  All members went up to welcome both Rob and Tammy as members.

Our newest members, Rob and Tammy Hislop being inducted into our club. 

Assistant District Governor, Norm Brown called upon Dave Danforth in his role as Foundation Chair to assist him in presentations for new Paul Harris Fellowship Awards.  
Nancy Moore,           Paul Harris Fellowship + 1.
Ron Hooper,              Paul Harris Fellowship + 3.
Dave Danforth,         Paul Harris Fellowship + 4
George Eveneshen,  Paul Harris Fellowship + 7
Penny Brown,            Paul Harris Fellowship + 8