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Be a Friend of Rotary

Have you ever thought that you would like to contribute to some of the community initiatives of service clubs but, with all your present obligations, it is just not workable on a regular basis?

You want to help our community. After all, it’s where you live and play and raise your family. But maybe you just don’t feel you have the time to commit just now. No problem! You can help out with Rotary and not worry about dues or meetings. Just help. You know… like friends help friends.

We are inviting interested community members to join a list of potential supporters who would receive updates on coming events where we would need some extra help and they could elect to give whatever time they might be able to volunteer on any given endeavor.

There are no membership dues or meeting attendance obligations. We will email interested participants a list of coming events on a regular basis. Those interested would be deemed to be “Friends of Rotary” and the list would only be used by us.

If a “Friends of Rotary” model might work for you, please contact Doug Leatherdale , Hazel Nevrkla or Mary Scheidegger for further details or to add your name to our associate list.