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Happy New Year – and saying good-bye

On Thursday, June 30th, we said good-bye to another Rotary year, ’til we meet again to a long time Rotarian, and welcome to the new executive team.

Here’s what Jane Shirley, President 2015-2016, says as she reflects on her time as president: 

This past year has flown by in a flash.  I have been asked if I am happy or sad that my year is over and its wasn’t until hearing Mark B talk on Thursday that I allowed myself to truly reflect on the deeper meaning of why I continue to be part of this great club and why I feel honored to have had the position of President.

It’s the people!  Each club member has the goal to create a better place for humanity.  Each member has unique talents and characteristics that create a beautiful mosaic that shines brightly every Thursday morning. The synergy is evident in our successful fundraisers which help support Community and International projects. 

A few of my highlights

  • We have successfully reached the set goal of having $16 000.00 set aside for a large International Water Project.
  • We will have a second Spray Park erected in the next month or so in Blackburn Park. 
  • We continue to become more fiscally responsible and are mindful of the changing environment around rules and regulations that are specific to Service Clubs.
  • We will be eligible to apply for a gaming grant in fall.
  • We have made contributions to the Rotary Foundation & Polio Plus and will continue to do so.
  • We have had several successful fundraisers. (Lobster Fest; Rocktober Fest; Pancake Breakfast)
  • We supported a Tri-club International Project with an American & Canadian Club. (Peanut Butter Project)
  • We successfully received a grant that allowed us to share a Rotary portal with four other clubs which gives us an online presence that is both educational and easy to access for people of all ages.
  • We supported the Interact Club.
  • We financially supported many smaller organizations and projects throughout the year.
  • We supported the garden project (2015) with hands on work.
  • We supported the refugee family building fences and helping garden.
  • We continue to grow and develop as a club.
  • We have created a great member mentorship program that helps engage new members.
  • We had a successful year of interesting speakers and program events that brought people together.
  • We had several successful social events.
  • We have trained club members in Rotary Leadership seminars.
  • We have key people that keep in touch with those who have missed meetings to see how they are doing.
  • We have key people who update our website & social media pages.
  • We create a weekly newsletter that is circulated for your reading pleasure.

The list could go on and on but the theme here is “WE”.  Each member plays a role in the success of the club no matter where you are at in your life. We all share a vision and are committed to this vision.  I believe that these lay the solid foundation for a successful club. This foundation is strengthened by competent leaders, communication, and trusted relationships that have been built on consistency and support. I believe that this all builds the Daybreak Rotary Club’s capacity to make a difference.

So am I sad yes however I am happy that I had the honor and privilege to serve as your President.  Each member, past and present, has taught me about leadership, patience, and how to have fun. (OK I always knew how to have fun). I am happy to be part of the family of Rotary and thank each of you for making a difference.