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Project Peanut Butter

Malnutrition is a critical, global problem that impacts millions of vulnerable children each year. It kills more than twice as many children as HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Yet, there is a cost effective and proven solution that can eradicate severe malnutrition in our lifetime indipill.com.

Project Peanut Butter produces RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) in local factories in Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Ghana that are internationally accredited. RUTF is an energy-dense, peanut butter like paste, which is distributed at mobile clinics and aid organizations to reach more children in need of treatment.

Rotary supports Project Peanut Butter with funds donated by Clubs throughout the USA and Canada (including Salmon Arm Clubs) and matched by a Global Grant from Rotary International.

Learn more > www.projectpeanutbutter.org