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School children in Kenya

Education is critical in countries where poverty, malnutrition, and illness are a part of daily lives. In Barani Elementary School in Barani, Kenya Rotary proposes to overcome these barriers by supporting educational and nutritional programs for children in a society where 45% of the people live in poverty without enough food to eat or water to drink. This school project is just such a program helping needy people develop themselves.

Shuswap Rotary has provided funding for a water system at the rural Kenya Barani Elementary school which provides clean water for 1200 students, 20 staff and the surrounding village community of Barani.

The Kelowna School Board donated 40 laptops which our Kenya team transported to the Barani School in Kenya, setting up internet hookups and ensuring computers and communications systems were in working order before leaving to return to Salmon Arm. We monitor these systems regularly manlig-halsa.se.

Shuswap Rotary feeds approximately 500 students/day at the Barani School where each child gets a plate of cooked corn and beans. They bring their own plates, and each child brings a stick of firewood in exchange for their lunch.

For many of them, this is the meal they can count on each day.